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How much do you charge?

Fa clef red My current hourly rate is £37.

Fa clef red Most students have a weekly half-hour lesson (£18.50). They pay for 4 lessons in advance (£74).

Fa clef red However, the initial consultation is free, after which you can decide whether to have a course of lessons.

Can I have a shared lesson?

Fa clef red This is not recommended, as the rate of progress is always that of the slowest member of the group, and leads to frustration all round.

When can I come for my lessons?

Fa clef red Tuition takes place from Mondays to Thursdays, afternoons and evenings, at a regular time that is convenient to the student.

Do I have to pay for missed lessons?

Fa clef red Lessons are given every week that the local state schools are open; so there are none during half-term breaks, Christmas, Easter and the summer holiday. Each term students are allowed ONE free absence*.

If you can't make your usual appointment, every effort will be made to find you an alternative time/day, so that you don't miss your lesson. However, if this is not possible the missed lesson must be paid for, if you have already used up your term's "freeby"*.